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BADN is The British Association of Dental Nurses; the association that supports dental nurses since 1940. Our association offers membership which provides dental nurses with tools and services to aid them in their every day professional and personal lives. Our mission is simple, to support, promote, educate and enhance the dental nursing profession and dental nurses alike for their hard work and dedication to their profession.

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Our membership packages come with a wide range of exclusive benefits. From offering guidance and support through years of knowledge and experience within the dentistry, to offering discounts to number of services such as shopping, insurance services, CPD, as well as BADN exclusive partnership with an indemnity broker to offer our members access to a professional dental nurse indemnity* cover at preferential rates, available only to the members of our association.

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*Additional costs will apply. Terms & Conditions apply. Available only to Full-Time, Part-Time and Maternity Memberships.

Yes. When you become a member (excluding Student E-Membership) receive access to CPD materials. The British Dental Nurses' Journals which are produced by us, the BADN provide 8 hours CPD per year. There are four journals per year and each journal contains two hours of CPD for our members to complete. In addition, there are opportunities for members to gain more free or discounted CPD through various of events or collaboration with other organisations.

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In short, Yes. BADN has been supporting dental nurses since 1940. Since that time, we have built and maintained great connections with other leading organisations within the world of dentistry allowing us to maintain a highly reputable status, as the Association for dental nurses in the United Kingdom. We represent dental nurses in all dental nursing matters, by having regular discussions with the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, NHS England, The General Dental Council and other organisations. We are proud to be recognised as the Association for dental nurses in the United Kingdom but our work doesn't stop as we continue to build and maintain a leading position in supporting dental nurses nationwide.

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All our memberships are valid for one year unless stated otherwise. You can see all our available membership using a button below.

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Yes. Individuals who are already doing a dental nursing course or are enrolled and awaiting to start their course can join as a student member and enjoy access to a wide range of benefits available in our membership package. Please note, a proof of enrolment or student status may be required.

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We welcome all dental nurse professionals to join our association; whether youre working in a private practice, NHS or a hospital. We also offer a range of membership packages from full-time, part-time, maternity, associate, student and other so that you can choose one most suitable to your needs. To join the association, you can choose your membership using the link below. The process is easy to follow and should take no longer than couple of minutes to complete.

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BADN works closely with many different organisations across the United Kingdom and worldwide. We offer organisations, a Coporate Affiliate membership package that provides a number of benefits and features as well as a recognition on our Corporate Affiliate page. For more information about the Corporate Affiliate package, use a button below.

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BADN offers members the opportunity to take out professional dental nurse indemnity via our Indemnity Scheme. The BADN Indemnity Scheme, in partnership with Trafalgar Risk Management offers our members to apply for professional indemnity at preferential rates to stay protected. This preferential rates are available exclusivelt to BADN members.

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No. After joining the association, members can opt in to apply for professional dental nurse indemnity via our BADN Indemnity Scheme. The indemnity is seperate to the membership and is provided and managed directly by Trafalgar Risk Management. The indemnity is subject to terms and conditions and indemnity fee is payable in full or in monthly installments directly to Trafalgar Risk Management upon successful application.

Please note, BADN takes no responsibility nor part in your application for professional indemnity and all aspects of application, terms and conditions and payments for indemnity are handled by Trafalgar Risk Management directly.

BADN only offers professional dental nurse indemnity via our Indemnity Scheme, in partnership with Trafalgar Risk Management. This means, you must be a member of the association in order to gain access to the Indemnity Scheme feature. The BADN Indemnity Scheme is available to Full-time, Part-time, and Meternity memberships only.

Upon successful payment for your BADN membership, you will be redirected to a purchase confirmation page where you will find a link to direct you to a webpage with the Indemnity Scheme Access Link. In addition, you will receive two emails from us containing the Indemnity Scheme Access Link; one with an 'Order Confirmation' email right upon successful payment for the membership and the second email within 24 hours welcoming you to the association or in a renewal confirmation email. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

If you cannot find the Indemnity Scheme Access Link, you can request it using a form available through members area via the button below.

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Our website accepts all major debit or credit cards, excluding American Express. Unfortunately, we do not offer the monthly instalment option.

No. The BADN membership offers features and services that can be taken out almost instantly upon successfully becoming a member. Our Terms & Conditions clearly state that refunds are not acceptable for the purchased memberships. These terms and conditions are available using the link below and are also presented to you during the joining process.

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No. Your membership will not renew automatically. When its time to renew your membership, we will contact you via post and email to make you aware of this and include instructions on how you can renew your membership. This is why it's important that you always keep your contact details up to date.

You can update your email address or home address by visiting your online account.

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If you're having difficulties accessing the Members Area, first check that you have an active membership. You can do that by checking your Account using a button below.

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If you're an active member and still cannot access the Members Area, please note some content is restricted to certain members depending on the membership type you have selected. If you believe there is an error, please make sure to contact us as soon as possible.

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Unfortunately, you cannot change your username. Your username will always be your e-mail address used when you first registered on our website.

To change your password, you can do that in your account. Use a button below to access your account, navigate to 'Security' tab and click on 'Change Password'.

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Yes! Our BADN Team and the Executive Committee share a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to being a dental nurse, knowing your rights or any other guidance to help and support you throughout your career. We've been supporting dental nurses for over 80 year. You can contact us through our website or via telephone, available via the button below.

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