An update from Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England

Chief Dental Officer Sara Hurley shares an update regarding the vaccination programme available to dental teams across England. Sara's message can be seen below.

Dear colleague,

The vaccination programme is a real triumph for the NHS and so many in our profession have now received a first dose. If you haven't and you're patient facing, then the NHS is allowing frontline health workers to book themselves an appointment online. I urge you to use this extra option which is open until this Sunday - lets get the dental team vaccinated. Scroll down for more detail.

An important Central Alert System notification has been issued on FFP3 masks - you should have received this from your NHS regional commissioners or directly from the alert system. Its really important you read this alert and take action to review your stocks.

The Never Events list has been updated and wrong tooth extraction should now be singularly reported as a patient safety incident. In my view, wrong tooth extraction is unacceptable and patients have every right to demand that every measure is taken to avoid it. It must never be noramalised. But it is, sadly, not completely unavoidable. I am confident the patient safety incident arrangements both reflect the clinical situation on tooth extraction and respect the patient's right to protection from such an incident. My deputy Jason Wong and NHS England's Deputy Director of Patient Safety Dr. Matthew Fogarty have written a piece for today's bulletin explaining this decision.

The NHS Business Services Authority has published a helpful article about misconceptions around NHS dental treatment in England, which I encourage you to read.

The NHS is also reminding practices to update their NHS profiles. This is so important, its essential for patient care that the public can find a NHS dentist quickly. And the NHS' website being up to date is one of the easiest ways to do that.

Today's By Word of Mouth shout out goes to something a little bizarre but special. A koala - nicknamed Triumph - was born without a foot, meaning he had difficulty walking and climbing freely. Well, that was until Triumph went to see the dentist. Koala feet weren't covered in my studies at Bristol and doubt they are in Brisbane, but it goes to show....

Nothing can stop a dental team....

The latest NHS bulletin with Sara's update can be read here.