BADN President urges dental nurses to participate in Advancing Dentistry Review

BADN President Jacqui Elsden urges dental nurses to speak up and feed their comments into HEE Advancing Dentistry Review.

Jacqui explains:

This is a golden opportunity for dental nurses, the largest GDC registrant group, to shape our dental nursing future. If we remain silent, nothing will change. As dental nurses, we still face many barriers to our professional progress, so I urge all BADN members to take one small step today which could help shape the future of our profession - for yourself, but also for those dental nurses who will follow in your footsteps.

If we leave this to others, we cannot complain about the outcome!

By attending one of the workshops listed via the link below, you will be joining BADN’s big conversation about clinical and non-clinical career opportunities (academic, research, leadership and management).

BADN needs YOU to speak up! Don’t leave it to someone else………

If you can’t get to a workshop, please send your views to the BADN President, Jacqui Elsden,, who is working with Malcom Smith, Chair of the ADC Review, for the benefit of dental nurses, by close of business on 20th December 2019.