COVID-19 vaccination programme in Scotland

Learn how dental professionals can get involved in the COVID-19 vaccination programme by the Scottish Government. Please find below:

  • For individuals who are interested in becoming vaccinators, including those with prior experience, such as retired clinicians, roles are being advertised on the NHS Scotland Recruitment website. Recruitment will be ongoing over the coming months, so please check for regular updates.
  • The core training to become a vaccinator can be found on the NES website.
  • For those in primary care, national terms and conditions have been negotiated to enable independent contractors to participate in vaccination delivery, on a sessional basis, on behalf of a NHS Scotland Board. Please contact the NHS Board in your practice area to explore these opportunities.
  • Volunteering in a non-clinical capacity is being coordinated by the British Red Cross. Offers to volunteer on this basis should be emailed to:

The information above can also be found on the Scottish Government website.

All other offers, such as premises, should be sent to: