GDC latest statement regarding CPD

We have received the latest information from General Dental Council regarding the CPD and the flexibility for providing CPD hours during Covid-19 outbreak. They say:

If registrants are able to complete online CPD, we would encourage them to do that, but they will need to ensure that the online course can to be counted as verifiable CPD, so they should check that the CPD provider guidance provides the detail you need. For information, ‘an activity could be considered verifiable CPD by the GDC so long as the activity is designed to meet the verifiable criteria, as set out in the CPD provider guidance. This also needs to be set out in the information given to participants.

While our aim is to be flexible, it is not our intention to relax what counts as verifiable CPD at this stage. The flexibility we offer will be around whether we require registrants to do the set number of hours and the timing of these. We are finalising our communications around CPD for the upcoming renewal period which will include an update on what DCPs who have been unable to complete the required CPD this year need to do, and will be sharing that shortly.