NEBDN exam updates in relation to COVID-19 outbreak

To support our stakeholders during these unprecedented times, NEBDN made some changes to their examination timetable 2020/21. NEBDN key focus is to provide candidates and course providers with as much stability as possible and provide a solution with minimal disruption to the services they can provide.

New dates:

National Diploma written exam:

7 November 2020 (was 4 April 2020)

National Diploma OSCE exam:

22-23 January 2021 (was 12-13 June 2020)

electronic Record of Experience (eRoE):

For those currently completing an eRoE for the November examination, NABDN has already extended the deadline to 7 November.

To accommodate the amount of candidates sitting an exam and to avoid further delays, NEBDN made the decision to upscale on the above dates which were already booked with their exam centres and suppliers. Please bear in mind NEBDN only know as much as you do, and all dates are subject to change based on the government guidance.

Post-Registration written exam:

11 September 2020 – this remains the same

Record of Competence (RoC):

Completion of the RoC will be extended to the 28 February 2021 (this is a revised date for the candidates sitting September 2020). Candidates will therefore still be expected to pass their written exam and complete an RoC. Qualification achievement will only be issued at the point of successfully completing both. For those redeployed across the NHS, NEBDN will be working alongside your course providers to monitor the situation directly affecting you.

NEBDN is liaising with the General Dental Council to ensure that standards are not compromised and that candidates meet all the learning outcomes. Their QA team will
continue to work closely with course providers to understand challenges, provide support where possible and ensure candidates work isn’t compromised and is completed to a satisfactory standard.

NEBDN is hopeful that postponing to the above dates provides you with reassurance that their exams are still going ahead and provides candidates with additional time to revise and prepare.