Personal Protective Equipment: Response from NHS and Office of Chief Dental Officer

Both NHS England and Office of Chief Dental Officer has provided responses regarding Personal Protective Equipment issue. Here are their latest responses:

NHS England response:

NHS Supply Chain Customers

PPE products are now being pushed out to customers. Daily manifests showing deliveries are available on the website:

You should continue to order via NHS Supply Chain for all other products and escalate any order delays with NHS Supply Chain Customer Services.

There is currently a daily webinar hosted by NHS Supply Chain with the latest information and updates including on stock availability information and ordering codes.

Non-NHSSC Customers

You should continue to order from your usual suppliers, if they are unable to supply then you should contact the National Supply Disruption Service on 0800 915 9964 or 0191 283 6543 or email

Office of Chief Dental Officer further response:

Current Standard Operating Procedures indicate that patients who are suspected for COVID-19 or are COVID-19 positive should not be attending primary care dental practices. Guidance on the PPE required for routine dental practice (Not treating Covid-19 patients, Not treating Household contacts) can be found in the letter of preparedness dated 20/03/20.

Within this letter there is a section on PPE supply, should practices be running low on supply. Normal Infection Control standards apply, if there is inadequate PPE to carry out a dental procedure that procedure should not go ahead in order to protect the patient.

Locally Urgent Dental Care Systems are being set up which will have enhanced PPE to be able to manage and treat COVID-19 Positive or COVID-19 suspected patients. They should not be attending regular dental practice, therefore enhanced PPE should not apply