We're lowering our membership fees in light of COVID-19 outbreak

These are unprecedented and fast-changing times. Over past couple of days we have received numerous calls and emails regarding dental nurses being send home, without any clear indication whether they will be paid or not. We understand and recognise that many of our members and dental nurses across the United Kingdom face uncertain and difficult times ahead. We are aware that there are still many unanswered questions, and just as you, we are seeking and waiting clarification from government officials and other organisations. Our team will continue to keep you up-to-date with the newest information as and when they become available on our COVID-19 page.

Our mission is and always will be to support dental nurses therefore, BADN Chief Executive, Pam Swain and the Executive Committee of the British Association of Dental Nurses, have decided to lower our membership fees for the foreseeable future. We have made this decision so that our members can continue to receive and take advantage of many of the benefits our memberships have to offer.

The fees will be reduced for the following memberships;

Membership Type
Current Fee
Reduced Fee
Full-Time Membership - applicable to those working 20 hours or more per week.
£50 £30
Part-Time Membership - applicable to those working less than 20 hours per week.
£44 £24


The reduced fees will apply to new and existing members from 1st of April 2020. The remaining memberships remain unaffected at this moment in time. We will continue to monitor the current situation. Please note, BADN reserves the right to revert the membership fees to its original price at any given time, without notice.

The fees will be applied automatically to our system therefore, members do not need to do anything extra when joining/renewing the membership. The price will update automatically.

Professional Indemnity Fees

Please note, that this reduction does not apply to your professional indemnity fees through our Indemnity Scheme. The indemnity fees are managed directly by Trafalgar Risk Management and we have no involvement in managing the premium fees nor can make such decisions. At present, there has been no confirmation of indemnity premium reduction of fees. Should this change, we and Trafalgar Risk Management will inform you accordingly.

Going forward, we continue to operate, providing support and services to our members and dental nurses across the United Kingdom. If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you email us at enquiries@badn.org.uk, instead of calling. This allows us to respond to everyone accordingly and in a timely manner.

Below we prepared for you, a list of links to sources with advice and information about COVID-19. We'll continue to provide you the latest information on our social media platforms and on our COVID-19 page on our website.

BADN - Information about furloughed employees' scheme

Health Education England - e-LfH Coronavirus online learning programme

NHS - Issue 3 Preparedness letter for primary dental care

GOV - Guidance for employees

ACAS - Support for employees and employers