Dental nurses, were you paid during lockdown?

On behalf of the Chief Dental Officer England, BADN has been asked to collect examples of how dental nurses were treated during lockdown - good and bad.

If you're a dental nurse working in a general practice in England, please step forward and share your story with us.It's important for us to understand what happened to you so we can make the appropriate authorities aware of how dental nurses were treated during lockdown. Please let us know by including the following information:

  • Were you paid during lockdown?
  • Were you furloughed? If so:
    • Did you receive 80% of your salary?
    • If NOT 80%, was it less?
    • Or did your employer make up the different so you received 100% of your salary?
  • If you weren't furloughed, then:
    • Did you still receive your full salary?
    • Did your employer reduce your hours so you were paid less?
    • Did your employer insist on taking annual leave during lockdown?
    • Did your employer pay you but now demands to be repayed back, or that you now work with no pay?
    • Or other circumstances which meant you were disadvantaged?
  • Were you laid off, without pay?

If any of the above applies to you and you wish to share those details with us, or if you wish to provide a positive feedback regarding your practice, you can do so by contacting us at

Please make sure to send your story by Monday 16 November 2020.