DCP Champions Network East of England Information Workshop

For any queries regarding the course, please contact Ibolya Olds - [email protected]

Date: 19 July 2021

Location: Virtual (Zoom)


  • To target East of England DCPs to introduce the network and gain expressions of interest for development of the DCP champions network
  • To work towards improving interprofessional working, knowledge and communication within the dental profession.
  • To work towards improving collaboration and integration of all members of the dental team within East of England
  • To ensure DCPs are included within the development of the DCP Champions Network
  • To support development of DCPs and utilise skillsets within the workforce and operations workstream of East of England’s Dental Strategy


  • Understand the purpose and future development of the DCP champions network
  • Evaluate and discuss skill development and aspirations of DCPs within the East of England dental workforce
  • Evaluate and discuss barriers DCPs face within East of England
  • Share potential DCP network project development

Learning Outcomes

Identify views of Dental Care Professionals with regards to education and training within East of England.

GDC development outcomes: A, B, D