Get involved in National guidance for ICSs

On behalf of the CDO England, the NHS Confederation believes that it is vital to retain and enhance clinical and care professional leadership as an integral part of collaborative system working and know that their members have been working on this important agenda over several years.

As the transition to system working continues and ICSs become established as anticipated on a statutory basis, there is a need to ensure that the new organisational culture and structure actively encourages and supports the clinical and professional voice to thrive, and hence better enable systems to deliver improved outcomes for patients and the wider community. The NHS Confederation is therefore delighted to offer the opportunity for their clinical and care professional members to be involved in the development of national guidance which will drive the way in which clinical and care professional leadership will be established in an ICS.

This work has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) and it will directly influence the ICS operating model and may inform statutory/regulatory guidance and compliment NHSEI planning guidance. It is recognised that much work has already taken place in this field and therefore this work aims to identify and fill any gaps and ensure that all systems have had the opportunity to contribute their views.

There are two mechanisms for our clinical and care professional members to ensure that their views feed into this process. Firstly, by participating in one of a series of four roundtable events hosted by clinical leaders from the NHS Confederation. Secondly, for those unable to participate in an event, NHS will be producing a brief questionnaire to enable them to capture the views of a wider audience, including colleagues not directly working in a clinical and care professional role.

Roundtable events will take place via Microsoft Teams as follows:

We encourage you to get involved in this important work by booking a place on one of the events, where you can engage with your clinical and care professional colleagues on what is working well in your ICS that you want to retain, and what else you think must be in place as part of the new arrangements.

Dr Graham Jackson - Senior Clinical Adviser NHS Confederation

Louise Patten - Director, ICS Network NHS Confederation

Jo Harding - Executive Director of Nursing and Quality NHS Leeds Clinical Commussioning Group