June webinars from FDI World Dental Federation

The FDI World Dental Federation is inviting you to join their three upcoming webinars in June. The webinars are free to attend and open to all dental professionals.

Thursday 10th June @ 11:00 AM CET (Zurich)

Prof. Paul Brocklehurst, Prof. Ian Gwilt, Dr. Aaron Davis, Dr. Becca Partridge

Title: Whole Mouth Health: Oral Health Literacy and Behaviour Change

Whole Mouth Health’ seeks to provide people with the resources and capacity to better understand and enact models of self-care that sustain good oral health. A co-design approach has been adopted to explore this challenge in different cultures and across the age spectrum. This presentation will articulate the need for a population-based approach that focuses on prevention and explore the thinking behind the design strategies for sharing and commenting on collected data (from phase 1) participatory information books.


Tuesday 22nd June @ 12:00 PM CET (Zurich)

Dr. Pawel Szuba-Paszkiewicz

Title: Digital Impression In Modern Dentistry: The Possibilities And Limitations Of Actual Procedures Facing The Challenges

Modern advances in technology mean that dentists can now create virtual impressions of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using scanning devices. These digital impressions are highly accurate and can be completed in minutes, with minimum discomfort for the patient. This webinar will also show some hints, tips and tricks how to get around most of the limitations of the scanners, using additional materials, methods and digital equipment.


Thursday 24th June @ 4:00 PM CET (Zurich)

Dr. Sophie Darevelle, Dr. Iris Espinoza Santander, Dr. Andrea Maturana Ramirez

Title: Teledentistry - Practical solutions

The webinar will present case studies of two countries that have implemented distance oral health care solutions nationwide. The speakers from Chile will share their experiences with setting up an oral medicine teleconsultation service “Célula de Patología Oral” as part of the Digital Hospital of the Ministry of Health while the French “Oralien” program, designed to assist with the care of elderly people in retirement homes, will present the rationale behind the program and the impact it has on the population it serves.