Campaign to alert patients to the dangers of 'DIY Ortho' announced at BOC 2019

The British Orthodontic Society (BOS) and Oral Health Foundation have announced plans for a national campaign to warn patients about the risks of direct to consumer orthodontics - also known as DIY Orthodontics - at BOC 2019 in Glasgow.

The join campaign will advise patients in all circumstances to visit a trained clinician ensuring that they have the various options open to them explained so they can mane and informed decision. The website is to be launched in December 2019.

The campaign comes as recent statistics from BOS reveal adult orthodontics continues to rise with three quarters (75%) of orthodontists reporting an increase in adult private patients.

The BOS is delighted to announced their partnership with the Oral Health Foundation at BOS 2019. Both organisation provide patients with expert information that relates to their oral, orthodontic and overall health. By bringing the expertise of the two organisation together on this issue it will empower patients to make the right choices. 

The BOS and the Oral Health Foundation will jointly develop a website aimed at anyone seeking information about orthodontic treatment. This site - to be launched in December 2019 - will be regularly updated and designed to be engaging and informative. It will include testimonials from various experts alongside patients who can talk about their experiences to bring the issues to life.

In addition to the campaign, the BOS is currently exploring regulatory options in relation to this issue and hope that the appropriate bodies will take a patient safety led decision.