Every day approximately 1.6 million people in England visit a pharmacy. From 13th May to 13th June 2019 there  will be a NHS England Community Pharmacy Campaign focusing on the oral health of children, primarily the 0-5 age range. It is timed to coincide with National Smile Month and so increase public awareness of good oral health.

This poster campaign will be available to all pharmacies in England, be they independents, multiples or supermarkets. The campaign will feature a poster in the pharmacy along with a children’s brushing chart and information leaflet, alongside any displays the pharmacy may wish to make.  To establish confidence and knowledge ahead of the campaign, pharmacy teams have been offered access to the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE)’s children’s oral health training module as well as a resource pack with key messages for them to engage with the public when they are in the pharmacy. These will range from tips on brushing, use of age appropriate fluoride toothpaste, to dietary advice, sugar free medicines and signposting to local dental health services. 

Please look for this campaign when you are visiting your local high street. We hope that it will raise public and professional awareness of the benefits of good oral health and to promote Dental Check by 1, and the regular dental attendance of children.