New discount card available to BADN members!

TOTUM, powered by NUS extra, has launched a new card for members of professional associations who are studying - TOTUM PRO!

Dental nurses face an increasingly demanding lifestyle, often balancing work, family and education. TOTUM PRO is a new product from OneVoice Digital, combining convinience and affordability with the best possible benefits - and is now available to BADN Student Associate members and Full Members who are on a course of study!

The price of TOTUM PRO is:

Subscription Price Members Offer
1 year £19.99 +3 months extra FREE
2 years £34.99  
3 years £44.99  


Additionally, BADN members will be able to purchase TOTUM PRO at a price of £14.99 for fifteen months until Monday 16 September 2019.

Discounts available to TOTUM PRO card holders include:

  • 10% discount at Co-op
  • 10% discount at ASOS as well as other fashion retailers
  • Restaurant and dinning deals, including up to 30% off at Zizzis and 20% off Pizza Hut
  • 10% off at Superdrug (with your Health & Beauty card)

The existing TOTUM powered by NUS extra card will remain available only to students with an academic email address (i.e.

BADN members who already have a TOTUM card will continue to enjoy the benefits of their TOTUM card until its expiry date and at renewal can apply for a TOTUM PRO card. Other BADN members will now be able to purchase TOTUM PRO to access the exciting, relevant discount at the special price of £14.99 for fifteen months (offer valid until 16 September 2019) or £19.99 for fifteen months thereafter.

You can apply for the TOTUM PRO through your members area and accessing BADN Rewards.

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