Make this week the week you protect yourself and your patients

Millions of people have had the first dose of their COVID-19 vaccine, including the majority of frontline health and social care workers.

To ensure no frontline workers who want one are left behind, the NHS has opened the National Booking Service to allow eligible staff to book directly at a Vaccination Centre or pharmacy-led site.

Using the National Booking Service is quick and simple. You can do it online at, or by calling 119 if you can’t use the internet.

This service is open to any eligible health and social care worker – whether you work directly for the NHS or a contractor, an independent provider or are in private practice.

You will be asked to self-certify that you are eligible when booking, and provide proof of your eligibility when you attend your appointment.

The ability to book directly is only expected to remain open until 28 February, so if you haven’t had your vital first dose yet, make this week the week you make your appointment.

The vaccines are safe and highly effective at preventing serious illness. Getting vaccinated means protecting yourself so you can be there for your family, friends and patients.

By acting now and taking up the vaccine, you are also playing your part in how the whole country can return to normal life.

But it’s important to remember, in the meantime and even if you have had the vaccine, we all still need to follow all the guidelines to control the virus and save lives. That means following the IPC and testing measures in your workplace, and the general advice at work, at home and when you are out and about.