Colin MacKenzie

GDC Head of Nations and Engagement

Colin joined the GDC in May 2018 and has responsibility for developing the GDC's face-to-face engagement strategy. This includes working with partners, including professional bodies, to ensure the priorities and key activities of the GDC are effectively communicated to registrants in a way that is relevant and meaningful, and easy for them to access.

He also has responsibility for ensuring that the GDC is an effective UK-wide regulator and works closely with colleagues across the devolved nations to ensure the GDC's priorities and plans are communicated to stakeholders across the whole of the UK.

Colin is an experienced communications and engagement professional and has worked extensively in both the private and public sectors. He has a passion for working collaboratively with partners and strongly believes this is the most effective way to effectively communicate to our audience groups.

Colin will be delivering his presentation with help of his colleague Hermione Brown at the National Dental Nursing Conference 2019 on Saturday 2 November 2019 providing us with an update of the GDC, including their vision, purposes and key priorities, including how their focus is shifting and moving upstream.