New National Minimum Wage rates and changes to the National Living Wage

It has been revealed that from 1 April 2021, the National Minimum Wage rates are increasing.

The age from which workers become eligible for the higher National Living Wage will be lowered. This means that from 1 April workers aged 23 and over will now also be entitled to be paid at least the National Living Wage.

The new rates can be found in the table below:

   Rate from April 2020
 Rate from April 2021
 National Living Wage
 £8.72  £8.91  2.2%
 21-22 Year Old Rate
 £8.20  £8.36  2.0%
 18-20 Year Old Rate
 £6.45  £6.56  1.7%
 16-17 Year Old Rate
 £4.55  £4.62  1.5%
 Apprentice Rate
 £4.15  £4.30  3.6%