Report on tax returns for BADN members

One of benefits offered in our membership is the Tax Refund Service that allows members to investigate whether they have been overpaying their tax. This free service allows members to review their tax code and check whether they are owed any tax.

Out of 4,336 members who made the claim 1,130 members received reimbursment from the HMR and had their tax code corrected.

The average tax refund per member was £136.51.

Total tax refunds recovered for our members to date is £154,251.92.

This is a fantastic result to show that as a member of the association you can benefit from such services as checking if you're owed any tax and use it to help you claim it back. This is a prime example of one of many benefits available to our members that help to save money.

Are you a member of the association? Use your membership benefits to check if you're owed any tax.

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