Supporting change - NHS contract review petition

Following years of pushing for contract reform at successive LDC Conferences, it has been decided to launch a Government e-petition making the compelling case for change.

For years, the UDA system has not been considered by many dental professionals as fit for purpose - UDAs are not considered fair for patients or for the clinicians who are providing essential healthcare. During the pandemic, the enforced move away from narrow activity measures has allowed dental teams to work together to deliver essential urgent treatment and prioritise patients in need of care supporting the wider NHS. This experience, which has made the needs of patients central to dental activity, has reinforced the need for commissioning change.

Unfortunately, as patients face growing access challenges, the discredited activity measures are now returning. The commissioning framework needs to change to focus on national priorities, including improving oral health, access to care and reducing inequalities within a system that is fair for both patients and all of the dental team.

There is now a unique opportunity to make the case for a review of the NHS contract. The petition needs 100,000 signatures to be considered for debate in Parliament

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