Coronavirus: Wales Updates

Last Updates: 06 April 2021

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Please see attached Welsh Government guidance for Health Boards and clinicians on the delivery of orthodontic services in primary care for 2021 and 2022 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Welsh government has shared a letter from 27 January including a HPP poster to increase awareness of the HPP Wales Service.

Letter from CMO and CNO on Health for Health Professionals

HHP Posters

Chief Dental Officer Wales has published two documents for all Primary Care Dental Teams in Wales to outline plans for the financial support available in the coming first two quarters and the FAQ to help answer some commonly asked questions.

Continued Financial Support and Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

In the most recent update regarding the dentistry under the coronavirus pandemic, the Chief Dental Officer for Wales issues an open letter to all primary care dental teams in Wales. Furthermore additional document is released by the CDO with the updated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document and information.

The documents share details about Q4 of 2020/21 in relation to arrangements and support, and more. You can find the official documents below.

Chief Dental Office Letter

Standard Operating Procedure - Updated

Please find attached joint letter from all Chief Dental Officers in the UK offering support to the dental profession throughout the second wave of covid-19.

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The Chief and Deputy Chief Dental Officers share a letter to all Primary Care Dental Teams in Wales.

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Chief Dental Officer Wales has published information regarding the de-escelation of Red alert to Amber alert. For more informaton click below button.

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Chief Dental Officer Wales has published further documents regarding Standard Operating Procedures for AGPs on non-Covid-19 patients. Offical documents can be accessed below.

CDO covering letter - Standard Operating Procedures for AGPs on non-Covid-19 patients

Standard Operating Procedures for AGPs on non-Covid-19 patients

Chief Dental Officer Wales has published a letter and documentation guidance and plans regarding restoration of dental services in wales. All documents can be found below:

Chief Dental Officer Letter

De-escalation Pandemic Plan for Dentistry

Restoration of dental services post Covid-19

De-escelation Standard Operating Processes of Primary Dental Care Settings in Wales

Wales officials have released a supplementary information regarding new guidance on Personal Protective Equipment in light of COVID-19.

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Sent on behalf of the Chief Dental Officer

Dear Colleagues,

Given the concerns raised by front line NHS staff regarding the use and availability of personal protection equipment (PPE) respective UK Governments have been working with, NHS and Public Health leaders to revise guidance about PPE for NHS clinicians treating patients with suspected or confirmed coronavirus COVID-19.

A rapid review of existing guidance has been undertaken. Discussions have also been taking place between the 4 x UK CDOs to ensure a collaborative approach to this issue in dentistry.

I understand that the new guidance will be issued today, 2 April 2020, at 12noon. We intend to publish some supplemental guidance for dental teams in Wales so everyone has clarity of what it means for them and their teams.

The guidance advises some key changes which include:

  • In some circumstances some PPE can be worn for an entire session and doesn’t need to be changed between patients
  • When carrying out aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) clinicians should wear a higher level of protective equipment, including sessional use gowns covered by single use aprons.
  • When there is community transmission of coronavirus, staff should use gloves, apron, surgical mask and eye protection for all patients

This means that dental teams need to adopt these guidelines in RED alert phase Urgent Dental Care Centres and in the GDS/CDS surgeries and clinics across Wales (that continue to see Urgent cases whose treatment cannot be delayed), and that together with the hygiene and social distancing measures we are all by now familiar with offer adequate protection for dental teams and their patients.

It is also important that the guidelines are followed properly and that PPE is only used as specified. For every piece of PPE kit used unnecessarily, a piece of kit is unavailable to staff most at risk.

For more information regarding infection prevention and control please visit the latest guidance issued by Public Health England

All Wales Faculty developed a FAQ and Support section on their website for all Dental Care Professionals in Wales

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Chief Dental Officer of Wales has published a letter regarding business continuity and financial support for dental practices providing NHS services

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Chief Dental Officer of Wales has issued a red alert notice letter to all Primary Care Dental Teams in Wales

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