BADN Indemnity Scheme


What is it?

BADN Indemnity Scheme in partnership with Trafalgar Risk Management, offers you an opportunity to apply for professional indemnity. This indemnity is offered at a special discounted premium rate, available exclusively to BADN members only. In order to receive the discounted indemnity with Trafalgar Risk Management through the BADN Indemnity Scheme, you MUST have an active either Full-Time, Part-Time or Maternity membership. Other memberships do not qualify for the scheme.

What was the process?

BADN acts as an Appointed Representative of Trafalgar Risk Management who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In the past when you applied for the membership, you'd also be able to apply for indemnity cover at the same time and and pay the total of both with one transaction through us (BADN) or you would apply online through Trafalgar Risk Management where a single payment would be inclusive of the BADN membership and the indemnity cover. One fee (BADN Membership Fee + Indemnity Premium Fee combined) would be calculated and payable by you directly to us. We would then process your membership and indemnity applications in-house on behalf Trafalgar Risk Management and update your records accordingly.

What has changed and what does it mean?

In 2019, new rules and regulations affected our procedures. The implemented changes meant that we can no longer collect nor process any payments on behalf of Trafalgar Risk Management and their indemnity premium fees. This means that both applications and payments will now have to be done separately, each one directly with its own provider.

What is the new process?

The new process now requires you to submit two applications, one for each product (BADN membership and indemnity policy) and pay for each one individually. We have come up with a new way for you to apply for your BADN membership and your indemnity cover through BADN Indemnity Scheme. Before you can use the BADN Indemnity Scheme, you MUST have a valid BADN membership.

First step is to apply for your BADN membership online. Once you've successfully completed the purchase of our BADN membership, you'll receive instant access to your online membership features, including BADN Indemnity Scheme. Upon successful checkout, you will find a Apply for BADN Indemnity notice (displayed at the top of the payment confirmation page) allowing you access the BADN Indemnity Scheme. Click on 'Access BADN Indemnity Scheme' and you will be directed to a restricted BADN Indemnity Scheme page to follow further instructions to redeem your discounted premium fees. 

All renewing members must also follow the process to access the BADN Indemnity Scheme. New process will be distributed in form of an email renewal invitation to all members by BADN and Trafalgar Risk Management. BADN will not be able to process any applications on behalf of members through the Trafalgar Risk Management. This is something that you (BADN Member) have to do yourself.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.